FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization) is a cytogenetic technique that is currently used in diagnostics as a tool for genetic disease characterization and monitoring.

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Tethis developed an innovative product, microFIND®, applying nanotechnology to research in cytogenetics, and the equipment used to automate the sample preparation part with this new compact device: autoFIND F.

The novelty of microFIND® lies in the use of Tethis’ nanostructured materials, which allows the integration of consolidated analysis protocols such FISH into a miniaturized device.
Tethis’ technology has also been designed for the automation of diagnostic tests.

microFIND® is a slide with a proprietary coating, coupled with microfluidic compartments or microchannels, where cells are loaded and processed for FISH: after hybridizations slides are analyzed by fluorescence microscopy using conventional manual or automated systems.
microFIND® is designed to provide the processing of 1 up to 4 hybridizations occurring inside the microchannels.


microFIND® offer the possibility to automate and standardize the FISH protocol with autoFIND F

  • You can expand your abilities without ever compromising the quality of results
  • Variability and human error are reduced with increased automation, building confidence in the results and a great level of standardization inter and intra laboratory operations

You can select your desired level of automation