The technology at the basis of Tethis activity is patented in the USA and Europe. It allows the precise production and manipulation of nanoparticles in gas phase and their easy integration into device.

This ability, together with the expertise in microfluidic and biology, is the foundation at the base of the development activity for the realization of new products and the performance-improvement of existing ones, such as microFIND® device for In Vitro Diagnostic, which allows to perform FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) assays on cytological suspensions.

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Tethis, through its biotechnology group, is developing solutions for biomedical applications based on innovative nanostructured materials. The focus is on coatings with features including biocompatibility, high surface area, transparency, patterning and integration with microfabrication technology. This makes Tethis’ coatings desirable for an optimized interaction with biomolecules and cells in a lot of different applications. We are integrating our novel coatings with tools like microarrays, high content cell-based assays and microfluidic platforms for approaching a range of biological assays.

Our R&D experiences represent also an added value for Tethis customers and partners who can find it in Tethis products, technical consulting and services but also in collaborative projects on device development and prototyping.
If you are interested in our biotech platform, Tethis is open for partnerships and collaborations to apply our technologies to your products and methods.

Do you have a suggestion for a product feature, want something added, or to share your thoughts about it, please contact us at: