12 slide holders thermally separated in 3 zones


heated positions from 35° to 90°C for reagents vials divided into two zones of three vials each


6 unheated positions for reagent vials. microFIND® kit is provided with ready to use reagents vials as SSC, PBS and Post Fix

autoFIND S description

  • rotating tower, complete with 500 µL syringe for pipetting
  • main base equipped with thermostatic slots for microFINDs and for reagent vials.
  • 12 slots for microFIND®
  • 6 slots for reagents vials
  • 6 heated slots (from 35°C to 90°C) divided in two areas with three vials each
  • Humidified lid for incubation and hybridization processes

The autoFIND S is equipped with a PC and a preinstalled software for the whole control of the system. The software can set and modify the protocol parameters to improve the quality of FISH assay, track errors and monitor the status of the machine during the test execution

autoFIND F description

  • Liquid handler platform
  • Two closable thermostatic units for microFIND®
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • 3 removable racks for sample vials
  • FISH probe vials and generic reagent tubes
  • A pipetting arm equipped with disposable tips to prevent any cross contamination
  • An external printer for vials and slides coding
  • A graphic user interface(GUI) specifically developed to manage the system

autoFIND F coupled with microFIND performs a FISH miniaturization (microFISH), requiring an accurate handling of reagents small volumes (up to < 1µl) as well as a mechanical precision and reliability.

Two Peltier-system heated units ensure best results, both in interphase and metaphase cytological samples, by controlling temperature and humified conditions.

Each thermostatic unit has 8 slots slide holder separated in two plates with 4 slots each. Temperature of each plate can be separately controlled within the 20-90 °C range.

autoFIND F dedicated software controls and manages the whole operations such as:

1. Customize experimental set-up
2. Guide the user during the main instrumental operations
3. Verify the suitability of loaded samples and reagents
4. Ensure full experiment traceability

autoFIND F Combo is a multipurpose platform that is able to perform metaphase spreading through a dedicated software.