Product description

autoFIND S system, coupled with microFIND® 1L is able to perform the central steps of the FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization) protocol on biological samples.

autoFIND S is able to process up to 12 tests per run, dispensing the necessary reagents for aging, digestion, dehydration and denaturation of the samples, leaving the loading of the cytogenetic pellet and probes under the operator’s manual control.
Thanks to microFIND®, autoFIND S is able to perform the FISH protocol on non-previously fixed cells.


autoFIND S is a bench top instrument which standardizes the FISH methodology can be used with every kind of FISH probe. autoFIND S:

  • is coupled with microFIND® 1L
  • allows to process up to 12 test tests per run
  • automates: sample pre-treatment, denaturation, hybridization

Demo video

autoFIND S advantages

Robust and easy to use

Improves reproducibility

autoFIND S automates
  • sample pre-treatment
  • denaturation
  • hybridization

autoFIND S system consists of:

  • A rotating tower, complete with 500 µL syringe for pipetting and a drawing terminal
  • A main base equipped with thermostatic slots for microFINDs and for reagent vials. It has a display and integrated keyboard for maintenance and set up operations
  • 12 slots for microFIND® which offer the possibility to independently control the temperatures of the process in three distinct thermal zones (from RT to 90°C)
  • 6 slots for 1,5 ml reagents vials
  • 6 heated slots (from RT to 90°C) designed to 1,5 ml vials, divided in two areas with three vials each
  • 1 area for needle washing and drawing system

autoFIND S system automatically performs the following step:

  • dispensing, incubation and drawing of the reagents within microFIND® according to FISH protocol/span>
  • preset different temperatures, according to the chosen procedure, in 3 distinct zones which contain up to 4 microFIND® each
  • manage the thermal cycles for the automation of denaturation and hybridization
  • maintain uniform temperatures and control of humidity during the hybridization step
Software S

The system is provided with a PC and dedicated software. The software can:

  • Create and calibrate the machine configuration;
  • Create customized methods;
  • Run the operations;
  • Display the machine status during operation
  • Recall the protocols previously memorized and associate and register the protocol used for each slide/test.