Product description

autoFIND F, coupled with microFIND®, is an automated slide staining system for the processing of FISH (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization) assays on cytological samples both in interphase and metaphase.

autoFIND F can process from 1 to 4 hybridizations on the same microFIND® according to the different version of microFIND®.
autoFIND F can process up to 16 slides with a maximum of 64 hybridization/tests per run.

The system automates the protocol steps from the sample loading to the denaturation and hybridization steps.
The system makes it possible to perform specific protocols depending on the sample used (cytogenetic pellet or previously unfixed cell) and specific customer needs.

autoFIND F improves throughput, consistency and method standardization. A selection of pre-defined protocols makes it possible to customize the pre-treatment, denaturation and hybridization parameters according to specific specimen requirements.

The system is provided with a PC and dedicated software.


autoFIND F leverages all the benefits of microFIND technology such as:

  • No manual steps and reduced hands-on time during FISH procedure
  • Optimum nuclei and metaphase spreading in controlled environment
  • FISH directly performed on living cells without pellet preparation
  • Significantly reduced reagent cost (at least 15 times less)
  • Improved imaging and efficiency of analysis

Demo video

autoFIND F advantages

Reduction in reagents requirement and waste production

Easy image acquisition

Lab productivity improvement

autoFIND F automates
  • sample loading
  • aging
  • digestion
  • dehydration
  • probe application
  • denaturation
  • sealing
  • hybridization

autoFIND F is a stand alone system that fully automates the majority of the FISH steps, optimized for the use with every kind of probe.
It can process from 1 up to 4 tests/hybridizations on the same microFIND® thanks to its different configurations (up to 16 slides with a maximum of 64 tests/hybridizations per run).

autoFIND F system consists of:

  • a liquid handler platform
  • two thermostatic units for microFIND®
  • 3 removable racks for sample vials, FISH probe vials and generic reagent tubes
  • a pipetting arm equipped with disposable tips to prevent any cross contamination
  • an external printer for vials and slides coding
  • an integrated video camera for the codes reading and worktable verification
  • a graphic user interface (GUI) specifically developed to manage the system
Software FISH Protocol

FIND3 software controls and manages the whole autoFIND F system. FIND3 has 3 main functions:

  1. Define the run setup.
  2. Guide the user on when to load microFIND, reagents and samples on the worktable.
  3. Launch the application and the script that verify the accuracy and inventory of the loaded samples, consumables and reagents to ensure the traceability of the assay and executes the FISH protocol selected by the user.

When the run is concluded, the FIND3 software automatically generates a report with all the details characterizing the execution.


Power lines
4 sockets are required for: 1 autoFIND F, 3 for accessories (PC, display, and printer). Sockets must supply power lines of 110-120 V or 220-230 V, 50-60 Hz, single phase. Required power depends on the connected load:

  • autoFIND F: 970 VA
  • PC: 500 VA
  • Display: 150 VA
  • Coding printer: 100 VA