The mission of Tethis is to ensure maximum customers satisfaction through the development and supply of services and innovative products for molecular diagnostics and to work in accordance with the safety requirements for its employees and in compliance with the law.

Tethis is a reality that has begun to appear on the molecular diagnostics market with its products during 2011, after nearly three years of work in the development of innovative products in this area.

The Quality Policy of Tethis.

In order to be certified as reference company in its own field, Tethis aims to achieve its mission through the following points:

  • to develop and maintain a Quality Health and Safety Management System, as a tool to achieve the goals, to fulfill the undertaken commitments, to promote the continuous improvement of the corporate processes, to ensure compliance with the compulsory requirements for the products and related services;

  • to identify the activities to obtain the predefined aims defining the supervisors, the persons involved and the necessary schedule to execute yearly;

  • to control the trend of the defined activities periodically, to verify the completion and to supervise the achievement of the defined aims;

  • to prevent and reduce the risks for the health and safety of the employees, in details:

    • to prevent the risks from the source, in phase of design, in the selection of the substances, identifying the methods and the technologies;
    • to guarantee the working environment as suitable, safe, ergonomic to the operating procedure and in accordance to the law;
    • to protect the health of the employees through the continuous monitoring of the health state
  • to reduce the incidents and occupational diseases;

  • to adopt an integrated system for the risk management, to guarantee that for all the products manufactured the residual risk is minimized, by adopting a policy of risk management proportional to the different dangerousness of the products.

  • to commit all the available energies and skills in listening to directions, suggestions, wishes of the customer, even through product demonstration made by Tethis’ personnel at the customer’s site;

  • to promote culture and proper methodologies within the organization, so that whoever works there is constantly able to offer the best service expected by the customer;

  • to train up its staff according to elevate scientific and technological standards, in order to increase the capability to innovate and develop products which satisfy the emerging needs in the area of molecular diagnostics;

  • to ensure an high level of satisfaction of all employees, by the pursuit of the maximum loyalty and sense of responsibility;

  • to encourage staff and management so that they can fulfill their technical expertise, their interests and talents, and can develop their technical and organizational capabilities.

In carrying out its mission, Tethis is committed:

  • to provide products and services which meet the compulsory and high-quality requirements, to demonstrate transparency and reliability, to assure the quality of the products at competitive prices through the analysis and the control of the costs;

  • to promote the establishment of an high level of collaboration with its suppliers, in order to be active part in the definition of the performances and the characteristics of the semi processed products used for the production, and to give the support necessary for the understanding and definition of requirements of the product itself;

  • to encourage the creation of a dynamic and proactive environment, where the employees are encouraged to take initiative, to grow up professionally and are supported in the realization of new projects based on their ideas;

  • to ensure profitable and fair professional relationships, to guarantee a safe working environment where everyone can be satisfied;

  • to promote the Company growth, ensuring an appropriate profitability and financial stability.

The Management is involved in compliance and in the implementation of these commitments to guarantee that the policy is documented, implemented and maintained, regularly reviewed and communicated to all staff, and ​​available to the audience.