Tethis’ interdisciplinary know-how that combines expertise in nanotechnology and strong biology knowledge has allowed the development of SmartBioSurface, an innovative and diagnostic device.

SBS in Biology

Key biological features…

… leading to a variety of unique advantages in diagnostics

  • Instantaneous adhesion of any normally non-adherent living cell
  • Stable and strong biological binding
  • Bio-compatibility and extracellular matrix mimicking
  • Ideal for rare cell analysis, no loss of cells/information
  • Enables confinement, microfluidics and automation
  • Sustainment of cell growth and physiological behavior similar to an in vivo environment

SBS creates a perfect environment for biological entities (cells, proteins, etc), leading to a wide and diversified range of potential applications in diagnostic, theragnostic and drug discovery

Tethis’ SBS-CTC platform permits circulating tumor cells (CTCs) diagnostics, through liquid biopsy using a total capture approach that does not require pre-enrichment.  CTCs enumeration, specific molecular tumor markers investigation and targeted sequencing (NGS) are the comprehensive output of the SBS-CTC platform, that provides extraordinary tools to support personalized medicine and targeted therapy in clinical settings. High sensitivity and specificity constitute the cardinal points in screening for early diagnosis of cancer diseases, longitudinal studies and residual minimal disease as prognostic of possible recurrences.

Tethis’ micro-FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) brings automation and miniaturization in the diagnostic of onco-hematological malignancies, increasing confidence in the score processing and shortening TAT (turnaround time), allowing for extra diagnostic insights.

Tethis’ SBS-MALDI chips make a step beyond the state-of-the-art MALDI targets by enabling reliable and repeatable “on-chip” sample processing, with advantages ranging from lab workflow simplification to the increase of the information content of the analytical results. In the case of sepsis infections, SBS-MALDI chip allows for an efficient processing sample and shorter time for diagnosis, both contributing to improve patient’s outcome.